Caring is Hard


Caring for others without them knowing is rather awkward. Not because you’re caring, but is that the person you’re caring for doesn’t know it and you have no way into tell them without sounding awkward. The reason I am bringing this up is because of a teenage boy at my church who I desperately care for on a Christ-like level. Now this boy is very quiet and doesn’t really open up to people due to problems that I am not mentioning. But even though throughout his pain, I have opened myself up to care for him and his emotions. I may not know this boy very well or not at all, I am still going to pray and care for him.

He may not know that I care for him, but its the least that I can do and it’s the Christ-like thing to do. Im not a huge caring person, but I relate to this boy on a mental and emotional level, although my life isn’t as bad as his, I  am willing to stick up for him. Pastor Wade, has given my some advice as to how I should go about this situation, and I am glad he and also my parents are willing to step up and help me out. Caring for someone is hard and even harder if you don’t know the person by heart; that’s why prayer is the best way to go about caring for a unknown person.

This boy may not know it yet, but God is working in his life and its up to people like myself and those in the church to encourage his walk. I am glad God has given me someone to look out for without the person knowing it. Encouragement without knowing, thats the way I like it. I want those who have trouble caring, take the initiative to care for those who need caring for and encourage their walk with Christ a little everyday without them knowing it. It pleases you and it makes God smile if you do.



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