“I’m your land lady, not a plot device!”

Woo hoo, I’ve made it half way through July without dying! I’m kidding, I won’t die anytime soon, no matter what illness I have. Besides my on coming illness that I required, I have done lots of other things throughout this summer. Today, I shall tell them to you while I have the time right now.


~~~ I’ve started watching Daredevil (TV show)
~~~ Still watching Naruto
~~~ Fair is coming up quick
~~~ Went to Kings Island with all my friends
~~~ Sherlock is back!!
~~~ Comic Con…
~~~ Rocking to my tunes
~~~ Naruto marathon
~~~ Wearing black 🙂
~~~ Writing a new fanfiction
~~~ Having a huge game night tomorrow…
~~~ Owl City’s new album
~~~ Watching Blimey Cow with my brothers
~~~ Bisque (Only those who know this will get it lol!)
~~~ Fair Queen interview was this week
~~~ New kittens…yay…
~~~ Feeling under the weather
~~~ Missing past friends
~~~ Summer cleaning my room
~~~ Country music ~~~ My dad got me Josh Harris’ newest book!

~~~ Rain

~~~ Writing

Now I have something to share from my best friend Olivia. Although it has been awhile since she write this, I wanted to share it from the copy I have.

When I met her, I knew she was a different religion. This made me figure that she wouldn’t be able to grasp my beliefs and religion. I thought the only thing we we’d ever be able to talk about would be trivial things, like TV shows and fandoms. That’s the way is had been with my other friends, even when they were of the same religion. Most of the time, when God or religion comes from my mouth when talking to people my own age (or around that), they squirm uncomfortably and I must quickly change the subject. I assumed the she was no expectation. So, when I first opened up to her, I stopped repeatedly, and apologized profusely. I figured she would stop me, but she wanted to hear it. She seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. Even more, when I begin trying to explain my beliefs to her, she stops !e and finishes for me. I can have a deep conversation with her without worrying about her not understanding or being uncomfortable. She lives in reality, and often tries to give me advice if I’m struggling with something. She doesn’t care if my religion beliefs are different from hers. She respects them. It makes me overjoyed, and, at the same time, sad that others are not like her. I am sad my previous friends weren’t true. She cares for me as a person. She cares for me as family, and I feel comfortable enough to care back. I know that she would never abandon or rebuke me for that.

Those were words from my very best friend Olivia and all that she said was true! I’m always by this girl’s side no matter what, same goes for Elizabeth too! Have a great weekend guys!

Quote is from the new Sherlock Special trailer from Comic Con.


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