“A little bit of earth, a little bit of alien, and little bit of….whatever the heck that is.”

Ewan McGregor.

Just a little update on my life and everything in it. Don’t worry I am still alive, so if you think I am dead or fell down a rabbit hole, you’re wrong.

~~Fair is over, finally.

~~Both of my friends had their 16th birthdays.

~~My love for Star Wars has come back!!

~~Summer is ending.

~~Giving relationship advice to my friend.

~~Starbucks ❤

~~My squad of friends ❤ {I’ve reached Squad Goals}

~~Shopping with my best friend and her boyfriend.

~~Having blue highlights in my hair.

~~Finished Ouran Highschool Host Club 😦

~~My laptop has been fixed!! Thanks to my dad 🙂

~~Renfest is next month!

~~Watched the new Hetalia series.

~~Justice League

~~Blue Bloods ❤

~~I have a new love for My Chemical Romance :))

~~Stargate SG-1 ❤

~~Getting back into writing fanfiction again.

~~Saw the Fantastic Four, and hated it… It was terrible you guys.

~~Still working on my book and other stories that I have.

~~My cat Percy and his sister Annabeth got fixed yesterday, finally.

Well I think that is it. Lots of stuff happened over the summer and some of it was bad, some of it was. But it’s a good thing that I have Christ and great people in my life to make me smile. Also, enjoy the Ewen McGregor picture 😉

Quote is from Doctor Who ❤


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