Is a Relationship Really Necessary?

Relationships are practically everywhere these days. There within your group of friends, around public outings and even at Church services. As you see these relationships form into more detailed things, the thought of your singleness approaches. You view yourself as a lonely fool with no one to share each awkward moment in your life, and thus it results in depression and shutting out all your friends. But, I am here to tell you something that comes from, not my words but God’s. Although having a boyfriend or a girlfriend maybe fun, but the real reason why we have them is to fill a void of emptiness we carry or to show others that we aren’t alone in the weirdness we have.

Why should that be our reasons though? Why should our own human desires be the reason we should want a boyfriend or girlfriend in our lives? Two words: It shouldn’t. Our desires, our personal problems, shouldn’t cause us to want someone in our lives just to make us feel better. That’s called using others for our own problems, when clearly, they clearly have their own problems to deal with. (Perhaps that is why I am still single…) God did not put us on this earth to desire another persons affections full time, we are here to glorify and enjoy Him, not man. Because that isn’t what were doing if we choose to want something we cannot achieve on our own demand. Boyfriends and girlfriends aren’t demands, their people, and treating them like people is something we should all be doing, not treating them like trash or worse: objects.

So the question is: is a relationship really necessary? Yes and no. For some, God calls people together and for others God calls people singleness. In reality, a relationship with someone isn’t really necessary, it’s just filling the gap, a wanting if you will. That is why I urge those who are single, to pray, pray that God will indeed find that special person for you and myself. As for now, we single folk can enjoy life as see fit, even if everyone you see is with someone. Because you know what, God has a plan for our lives in the future, and wondering if we’ll ever be with someone isn’t going to help us grown into a mature adult in Christ. Worrying about what will happen next, if we’ll have a boyfriend or girlfriend, or if Civil War is going to appear in theaters, isn’t going to help us. What is going to help us, is prayer, enough said.

Now that I’ve cleared that up, and that I’ve come to conclusion that one day I will have someone special, but today is not that day. Soon though…very soon.


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