“Fear leads to anger, angers leads to hate, hate leads suffering, suffering leads to the Dark Side.”

KenobiYay, another Star Wars fanfiction chapter, written by none other than myself. Sorry for my horrible skills of keeping this blog going, I kinda have a job now, and that pretty much takes up my time on the weekends. Forgive me. Chapter Two of The Blind One Series. Sanar goes on her first mission with her new master and hopefully friend, Anakin Skywalker. Let’s see how that goes shall we?

Nice Going Skywalker

Have fun!!

Quote is from Star Wars Episode I. Master Yoda quotes this to young Anakin in the council room on Corscant.


“So, this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”


So, I am not dead. I’ve just been extremely busy to find the time to write a lengthy blog post in a while, I apologize about that. But seeing that I have time right now, I shall share with you my Star Wars fanfiction. Now, it probably took me a week or more to think up the story line so it would fit with Episode II and III, that way the timeline isn’t messed up as well. Remember, fanfiction is only fan adaptations of movies, anime and TV shows, so the characters they put in their stories do not belong to them. I give full credit to Lucasfilms and George Lucas for the characters and places in the Star Wars realm. Please enjoy my little series I have started 🙂

Another One

Quote is from Episode III. Senator Padme Amidala said this when the senate was depleting.

Weekend Fun…


~~Went to a different fair with my best friend and her boyfriend.
~~I am practically dead… Kidding I’m sick with I don’t know what.
~~Renfest is this weekend
~~I got a job finally!
~~Started watching Person Of Interest
~~On season 5 of Blue Bloods ❤
~~I did some writing today
~~Played Lego Star Wars wit my sister
~~Had some Raspberry Tea, so I can talk again.
~~My voice is going in and out.
~~Half way finished with Girl Meets World ❤
~~Made my best friend smile because I wrote a story for her 😊
~~Thanking God for blessing me with amazing people in my life
~~Its September and its 80+ degrees outside
~~I have too many cats, who wants one!?
~~The Force Awakens!!!! *screams*
~~The Police Officers in Trenton… Thank you guys for your service!
~~Fall please come!!!
~~We got pumpkins! 🎃
~~Friends and Family🙌

Blue Blood or Red?


The world that we live in, pretends that people like you and me, are petty individuals who live no lives outside our work. We eat, sleep, drink, and work. Nothing more nothing less. Yet, when something outrageous happens, its splattered all over the news and we as individuals becomes less petty and more prideful. But I am not here to talk about that subject. The title of my post goes towards our law enforcement. Recently their lives have been sacrificed because they’re doing their job, and nobody seems to care unless it’s their precinct or co-workers. Well, I care, God cares and the people in whatever state care! Just because their is hate crime going around, doesn’t mean we cannot focus on those officers who have lives before walking into work and before they get shot. Their lives matter as much as yours and mine and every ethnic group on this planet.

We don’t need anymore blood spilt. Our men and woman in the Police Department need to be respected and know that their job is crucial to this world. They protect us and keep thugs like what happened in Texas, off the streets. The bravery, faith and humility in our law enforcement is something we don’t recognize. They’re putting their lives on the line, not just for their state, but for their families and friends. Its hard for those men and woman to walk down a familiar street now, and be demonized by people because they do their job everyday protecting them from thugs. But you know what? They don’t care, all they know is that they can sleep at night because they do good things for people every tour they go on. That is something every news caster should consider each time they tell their opinion about the police. 

If it weren’t for those men and woman out their, we wouldn’t be able to make it to places safely. We wouldn’t be able to make new friends, we wouldn’t be able to show our respect and we wouldn’t be able to live to see tomorrow. Law enforcement is important, whether Black Lives Matter group sees it or not. Because, you know what, they protect them and everyone in that group as well as you and me. So please, before you go and judge or hate on police, double check their lives and how they put it on the line for you and everyone else on this earth. Their lives matter…don’t forget that for a second.

Night guys… (Blue Bloods and the situation in Texas and Illinois, helped with this post.)