Weekend Fun…


~~Went to a different fair with my best friend and her boyfriend.
~~I am practically dead… Kidding I’m sick with I don’t know what.
~~Renfest is this weekend
~~I got a job finally!
~~Started watching Person Of Interest
~~On season 5 of Blue Bloods ❤
~~I did some writing today
~~Played Lego Star Wars wit my sister
~~Had some Raspberry Tea, so I can talk again.
~~My voice is going in and out.
~~Half way finished with Girl Meets World ❤
~~Made my best friend smile because I wrote a story for her 😊
~~Thanking God for blessing me with amazing people in my life
~~Its September and its 80+ degrees outside
~~I have too many cats, who wants one!?
~~The Force Awakens!!!! *screams*
~~The Police Officers in Trenton… Thank you guys for your service!
~~Fall please come!!!
~~We got pumpkins! 🎃
~~Friends and Family🙌


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