Crushes are Useless

When I was about fifteen or sixteen years old, there was a guy in my previous church that I had a huge crush on. It was obvious to the majority of the church family and my family as well. Even the guy I was crushing on knew it too. But, unfortunately, that crush grew into an obsession, which lead to unclear thoughts. Soon, the guy I was crushing on, got married and had a child. Thus my crush on the guy decapitated. Why am I telling you this? Because, putting your heart into someone that will never happen is just useless and a waste of time. I’ve done it so many times in my life, I just decided not to do it anymore. I don’t even flirt with guys; not because I don’t know how, its because I won’t. Its another form of crushing on a guy, and it feels weird flirting with guys just to lead them on about your high hopes. No! The only reason you flirt with guys is because you had this mentality in your head about the guy and you together! When you should already know the out come of such mentality: its not going to happen. End of story. Crushing and flirting go hand in hand with each other. They both set high hopes for the person whether their male or female. Do you really want to set such a mentality, such high hopes for someone you’ve never met or know nothing about?

How can you say you’ve been together with someone for seven months or a week or even three days and say you know them very well or have achieved relationship goals!? Christ knows when and where you’ll meet the right person, so you shouldn’t have to set up hopes and dreams before you even meet this person. It’ll just leave your heart cold and empty. To me, when it comes to being with someone or at least knowing them, I think one or two years is better than a week or seven months. No one should have high hopes for anyone, no one. They should just wait until God provides and pray as well. Because prayer is a powerful weapon to have. I just wanted you all to know that crushes are something that need to be addressed as useless, and time consuming for teenagers to even have in their lives. Crushes corrupt the mind and damage the spirit, leaving you broken not only from family/friends etc. But more importantly from God and what He wants in your life. I hope that I didn’t anger anyone because of my harshness, but I wanted to be honest and opinionated when talking about this subject. We can agree to disagree… Have a great week!

Live Long and Prosper
Peace and Long Life