“I’m the Police Commissioner, I know everything.”


Wednesday night, while my father, brothers and I sat around our church family, I reluctantly told my pastor I want to join law enforcement. His face was rather shocked at my words, and proceeded to ask me why I wanted to do such a thing. I began saying that with the hate crime against the police shooting African Americans for no reason is so big right now, and the lack of respect towards the police is so slim. So, I told my pastor that the reason I want to join law enforcement, mainly K-9 Unit, is because people need to see that cops aren’t evil people and decide to shoot ‘black’ people for no reason. They need to see how they really do their job; not to kill people who are unarmed, but to protect the public from harm. That is my main purpose for becoming a cop/K-9 Unit. Although, whenever I mention the fact that I wish to pursue such a career, I get backlash about being shot and not surviving being out on tour. Well, that doesn’t stop our military from doing their job, and their getting shot 24/7 each day a week, why should that stop me from being a cop? Because the government is corrupt? Yes. Because the Black Lives Matter hate group will probably hate me or worse try to kill me? Yes. Honestly though, why should I care about what a hate group says or what the President of the United States says? Christ is on my side, and I know He’ll protect me from harm against whoever.

My other reason that I was unable to tell my pastor, and to whoever was listening that Wednesday night, was a spectacular show called Blue Bloods. Unfortunately, the show is fiction, but the portrayal of the police and detectives gave me the idea to take the career of law enforcement. Why? If you ever sit and watch how Danny Regan, Jamie Regan and Frank Regan handle situations in the NYPD, then you’ll understand why I want to be part of law enforcement. It may, for some, sound stupid that I want to become a cop, because of a crime show. But to be honest, it isn’t really about the show itself, it’s the respect, the honor and sacrifice that these cops take everyday. It’s about putting your needs aside for a moment and looking to help others when possible. So, that is why I am publicly telling you my readers about my decision to become a cop/K-9 Unit’ not because I was three years  old and always wanted to become one. No it’s about show others that there needs to be cops that show respect, honor, humility and most of all Our Lord. Because if you take all that away, the shield, the collars and the uniform, your just a sinful man or woman… Without Christ in our life, we’re just those punks on the street. But if we have Christ, then being a cop wont be that hard, now would it. Think about it…

Quote is from Blue Bloods.


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