A Little Blurb

Its very easy to forget horrible things in life, when your with best friends. But then you realize that people that you’ve spent every Sunday morning with, worshipping God and fellowshipping with is coming to a drastic end. Suddenly it isn’t a dream that you thought it was, its truly happening.

We build up things in life, so we can forget about the truly worst stuff. Like a death in the family, people moving away etc. If any of these things happen, we focus our mind on other things so the thought of whatever happens can be forgotten forever and its just a dream. But unfortunately, certain stuff in our lives happen for a reason. We have no clue what for, but we know that whatever God has for us we shouldn’t focus our thoughts on something else.

Change isn’t very good for some. So when God decides to moves things around in our lives, things change and we are left with figuring a way out of the change that is going to occur. There is no escape plan from God’s plan. We’re stuck in His plan for us, not in our own. Ya see, that is why we need to face the fact that bad things will happen whether or not it will be going down in flames… All I am saying is this: Don’t let your focus be on material things, but in Christ Alone. Because once we put our focus on things that are not of God, we tend to forget what happens all around us. Then we end up loosing that focus.

I have to admit, that I do focus on the things that are not what God has for me. Honestly, I totally forgot that my church was disbanding until I entered the building on Sunday. So, I lost my focus on the people God put in my life because I have had such a negative feelings about the situation as a whole. I was blinded by hatred and sadness that my focus and my hurt went to something that wasn’t God, but rather to myself and to other people.

I go back to this song: In Christ Alone, my hope is found. Firm through the toughest drought and storm. We should never, ever loose those words when we face and forget things that happen in our lives. Instead we need to put our focus in Christ, and realize that He is in control and has a plan for our lives…

{By the way, I am a emotional mess, but God has my back everyday. Thanks for reading!}


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