“Bust my buffers!” {Update}


~Started watching OUAT again…

~Junior turns 1 tomorrow ❤

~Finished my fifth chapter of my Star Wars fic.

~Last Man Standing marathon with the family 🙂

~My church body…

~Star Wars themed coffee creamer ❤ (Thanks Dad)

~My amazing friends!! Olivia, Elizabeth, Jessica, Robbie, Josh, Abby, Lizzy, Lydia, Ryan and Alan ❤


~Soul Calibur V rounds with my brothers and sis.

~Blue Bloods

~Watched Bicentennial Man with my family last night. I cried almost throughout the whole movie…

~Listening to Twenty-One Pilots while writing

~Funny conversations with my friend Zoe

~Percy earning his keep in the house

~Watching El Dorado with Bekah

~Thankful for my pastors: Paul Critchon and Wade Thomas 🙂

~Listening to K-Love during the week

Quote is from Thomas the Tank Engine. Junior has been watching is a lot so I’ve kinda been watching it too.




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