To My Church Family


For the past three or four years that I have attended Crossbridge I found a place where I can be comfortable with adults and learn to get to know other human beings outside of my normal circle of friends. In the end, I did make new friends and my negative feelings towards going to church had stopped. But the one thing that I will surely miss the most is the fellowship, the people that ran the church. Paul Crichton and Wade Thomas put their effort in to make this church work the best to their own ability, and they did. Although it may have not lasted as long as they wanted to, but the pastors brought families together and brought the word of God to whoever needed it in their lives. Without these men (not trying to sound like I’m idolizing these guys), without their families to back them up, the church wouldn’t have gathered the families that attended the services every Sunday or Wednesday evening.

I’m glad, God put these men in charge of this church. They are inspiring men to both my family and the other families that have been going to that church. Yes, it’s coming to an end, but someone reminded me that we’ll all be together again in Heaven someday. But we should still praise Him, even though we won’t be worshiping in church anymore. Just because we aren’t going to be in a building every Sunday, shouldn’t mean we stop worshiping and praising God. No. We continue to read our bible and praying no matter what happens. As I come to a close on this post, I wanted to thank everyone that I’ve met over the years.

Thank you Wade and Sarah for being great friends. The both of you have been amazing at getting to know me and my family since you joined Crossbridge. I enjoyed our small talks after church whether they be spiritual related or not. The advice you’ve given me from God’s word has helped even when I feel down. Sarah and I have gotten to be good friends over the years and I am glad she and I could hangout with the kids. Though the church is disbanding, our friendship still remains solid. You two have fit in well with our little church planet and I’m glad we had the chance to get to know you. Again, thanks for being their for me and for my family, it has meant a lot to us.

Thank you Jason, Franklin and Katrina. The three of you have been amazing friends to me and my siblings. Although we may be young and not very wise in our years, your friendship has gotten to know you every Sunday and  Wednesday. Having friends like you has been a blast! Talking about movies, shows and how God has worked in our lives is one of the moments I and my siblings shall miss the most. I appreciate the three of you making us your friends and enjoying our strange geek rambled we have before and after church. Thank you guys for everything!

Paul, Kristen and kids. You’re the nicest and uplifting family I have ever met. Your family have been there for us through the hardships and little things in life. Between Sweet Wednesday and offering assistance if needed, is one of things we never got at our old church. My siblings and I have grown to love your kids; we’ll miss them a lot. Thank you Crichton’s for being a great family and also a great pastor.

I know the last day of church is a few days away, but I didn’t want you guys to see me cry in front of you as we leave Crossbridge forever. My heart will always be for the people who were in that building no matter where we all end up next. I will surely miss you all, and I’ll probably be messed up for a few weeks until we find a new church… But, God is good and I know he’ll provide us a new place to be part of soon.

Thank you to all the members that have been inspiring and helpful to me personally and my family… All of you are such amazing people, and hate to see all of you leave…

Samantha Runge


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