“A weekend? What is a weekend?”


Sometimes, us teenagers get into this slump where we don’t want to talk to anyone or see anyone. We mope around our homes feeling horrific about ourselves and everything in it. That’s called: Depression. Like I’ve probably said before in previous posts, depression is like a rain cloud that follows you everywhere when you feel like garbage. The cloud darkens your life, and your left with despair in your heart and mind. Depression can hurt you and your relationships. Once you get into this deep depression, you feel like you’ve failed and no one can help you out of the pit you dug yourself.

When it comes to exiting the depression room, you have to take the courage to speak to people again. Not talking to anyone or not fellowshipping with at least a few friends, only leaves you more depressed. Feeling down on yourself or whatever is bothering you, shouldn’t keep you from friends and more importantly God. Being depressed leaves you empty inside without joy in your heart. You have sudden breakdowns of sadness, anger and confusion; you end up taking in the fact that your messed up in the head.


God says He can take away all of that sadness, anger and confusion, giving us a clean slate to start over again. Even when we deal with depression, we can still find happiness through God and His Word. I have depression off and on, but I try my best to look on the bright side of things and seek God. Life maybe rough, and stuff will happen but God is always there to guide us, pick us up and direct us in the right way when the rain cloud is following us. Not everyday is an Eeyore day and not everyday is a Pooh Bear day.

Depression sucks and it hurts a lot, but you have friends and family who love you and going through such darkness is wrong. God loves you enough that living in depression shouldn’t be your main opportunity to life, it should be your opportunity to draw closer to God! I know it has helped me more and more each day, and I’m thankful for that. So, although I sound rather lame and cliche about this subject, I want my friends to know (mainly a certain one, you know who you are) that depression only kills the life you make. You only make it worse if you wallow in it each day. Go do something to make your life a light shining in that darkness, because you do only live once…

Quote is from Downton Abbey


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