We’ll use the Force.” “That’s not how the Force works!”


Yes, I know I haven’t updated this, sorry. I will give you a little update in myself and then get right into my fanfiction. As you may not know, I have decided to go forth with the Police Academy. I will need to get $6,000 before July, that way I can pay my way. Also I need to be fit enough to pass the physical evaluation as well, so my martial arts Sensei will be helping me with that. Next I will be taking the maneuverability test soon, that way I can legally drive on the roads.

All in all, I have been okay. Tired mainly but physically I have been doing fine. My family still hasn’t found a home church to fit in yet, but were still search for the right one. We’ve visited a few the past few Sundays just to check them out to see what they were like. It was very interesting seeing how other churches operate their services and music. I pray that we find a home church soon…

Our Christmas was great! We had a quiet morning of gift opening and fun. It was nice to give gifts to my parents; they were very grateful for the kindness of giving them gifts.

Now onto my fanfiction! I shall give you every single one, from chapter 1-6. Sounds reasonable right?!

Chapter 1

Another One

Chapter 2

Nice Going Skywalker

Chapter 3

Sight Seeing

Chapter 4

Blind Love

Chapter 5

Tusken Raiders

Chapter 6

Past Compliments the Past

Quote is from Episode VII



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