“It must be very intimidating to meet all of us at once.” “Oh I do hope so.”

Downton Abbey ~ I only just started watching it at Christmas but am soo very hooked!:

There is one thing that I have seen among my family, is that the way the Crawley family handles suitors is very much similar to the way my family handles suitors. Both my family and the Crawley’s have the suitors meet the whole family at once. Soon as they meet the family, the parents must evaluate whether the suitor is worthy enough for marrying off a member of the family. The correct word for all of this, is courtship. The idea and action for the intent of marriage. It sounds old fashioned, but you know what it works. It has worked in the time of Jane Austen and in the time of WWI.

Whenever I or my brother meets someone new, and begins to fully get to know the person well enough, we start the courtship process. Like in Downton Abbey, the suitor sticks around the home, getting to know the family and how they live their lives. With that, the parents could see how the suitor really acts and portrays his or her personality towards the family members during certain times of their lives.

Once the process starts, the suitor would go on outings with the family and also friends, because they aren’t going to be alone with each other during the courtship. If the idea of not being alone with one another doesn’t go well, then the suitor is the right choice for he or she in the family. It goes without saying, if the suitor doesn’t appreciate the old fashion ways of getting to know someone, then he or she isn’t worthy of marrying off that certain person.

I hope that one day, some guy that I meet will actually believe in the similar things that I do and won’t think that their stupid and think that hanging out with my family and friends is too over bearing. But as of right now, I am forever alone in that department. I’ll keep my trust in God and pray that one day my day will come, like Lady Sybil or Lady Mary in Downton Abbey.

All of this may sound unrealistic in some form of why, but God is sovereign and I know that He will guide me and show me that there is someone other there like Matthew Crawley or Thomas Branson in my life, I just have to be patient with myself and continue to pray… That’s easy enough…

Quote is from Downton Abbey.


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