“Jakku? Why does everyone want to go back to Jakku!?”


We regret the things that has happened. We have this urge where a hole needs to be burn in each mistake we’ve made over that past years of our lives. But we can’t. Humans weren’t build to forget things, God didn’t make us to forget anything. We cannot hide from the mistakes we’ve made, the people we’ve hurt and the lies we’ve told. The hole you wanted to burn into the mistakes, well you can’t do that. Those mistakes are something we build on, so that we can be better, so that the walk we have with God can grow stronger. We as humans have failed yes, but just because you’ve failed at life doesn’t mean God is just going to leave you on thew gallows and forget about you. He doesn’t work like that at all. You may want to forget, cry and stomp your feet about whatever you think you screwed up in. But remember, God puts hardships in our lives so that we can grow closer to Him.

These things you’ve read not really apply to me, but your wrong. I’m preaching to the choir and I feel like this sometimes, but I, on a regular basis need to do some reconciliation. Because leaving something heavy on my heart, something that I regret isn’t going to make me forget or want to burn a hole in it. Its just going to make me bitter and hate everyone in the world. I don’t want that to happen to you, or anyone for that matter. All I want is for God to see how He helps you reconcil for whatever goes on in your life or whatever past issues you’ve held on to and can’t seem to let go.


So when you hit a point where you regret everything, remember that God always has something in store for you. Although you may not know it yet, He still has something ready for you in the future. Regret, forgetting and mistakes can stink. But are you willing to let God take care of that or do you still want to be stuck in the gallows forever? Only God can help you, are you going to let Him take care of it?

Quote is from Episode VII


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