Brighter than the sun

Hopeless Romantic 11

Kenny Chesney plays through the headphones, while there you are sitting in the sand bopping your head to the music. Gulls caw on and on over the ocean blue. The waves crash upon the wet sand, as tiny crabs side step to their holes. Kenny is still singing in your ears, just as a young man strides by you.

He wears rolled up jeans, a nice button up shirt and his shoes in hand. Act natural you tell yourself, as the music switches from Kenny Chesney to Colbie Caillat in a matter of seconds. You freeze as the young man stares at you. He smiles, then continues to walk down the sandy beach.

Once he leaves, you proceed to sing the song coming from the headphones as loud as you possibly can. Nobody is around to hear your off key singing, nobody except that young man.

“You know I can hear your singing,” He stated.

The color of your face changed from pale to a bright red. Your face starts to get hot; you’ve made a complete fool of yourself. Colbie Caillat stops singing in your ears. Water from the cool ocean crash against your pale feet, as silence drifts between the both of you.

“Why did you stop? I enjoyed it,” He smiled.

A smile breaks through the embarrassed look on your face. The music continues to play in your ears again, while the gulls are still cawing away. You start singing the song, this time a little softer. He sits down next to you, and quietly sings with you. There in the silent cawing of the gulls, the both of you sing Brighter than the Sun by Colbie Caillat.

Though it may have been foolish of you to sing out loud, you gained a friend in the end of it. One who can sing along with you, even if your slightly off key with actual artist playing…


You brighten the darkness inside me

Whimsical 10

Its dark. The shades are barely closed and the windows aren’t even open. There in the dimness of the bedroom, is you sitting on the bed. Your hair is in a bun, the clothes you have are are baggy and smell like sweat. Deep down inside of you, there is a feeling that cannot seem to escape. Depression. You’ve tried everything. Music, reading and even a cup of coffee, but nothing works.

Your stomach hurts, your tired and you don’t want anything to do with people. A curdling hatred bellows in the back of your head, as the position your sitting in bothers your knees. Soon the sun peaks through a crack in the curtains. Quickly you shut the curtains closed, and the bedroom goes darker than it was.

There in the darkness of the bedroom, is you holding yourself, fighting tears back from rolling down your cheeks. You feel like a failure, not being able to complete things, work hard and live as an adult. An ache in your heart tells you that none of that stuff isn’t true, but you don’t listen.

Suddenly, even in the darkest parts of the bedroom, you hear a voice breaking through the curtains. A small beam of light shines down on your knees. The voice is low, but warm as it tells you that your worthy more to it than anything else on the earth. You can feel yourself smile again, while the voice goes on and one about how He chose His Son to die for you, so that you can live.

That voice was God reminding you that trials and tribulation helps you draw closer to Him. Depression is just one of those trials, He tells you. Soon tears begin to roll down your face, as the voice leaves the presence of the bedroom. You feel better, and stronger than earlier. Although you may battle with darkness inside, God always has a way to brighten up that darkness no matter what it is.

Whimsical 11

Adventure soothes the soul

Whimsical 8

Walking along log bridges, with the rushing stream underneath it. The creak in the wood is a soothing sound once you reach the other side. A smile peaks through, as you see a fox prance around in a meadow of yellow daisies. You pull out the camera stuffed in your pack, and quickly snap a picture before the fox disappears.

The smell of the daisies leads you down a small dirt path and into another forest. Sounds of birds echo throughout the tall trees over head, while you walk in between each tree gap. You take pictures of moss growing on some trees and small little fungus on the ground. Suddenly you hear something rustle around in the leaves at your feet. It’s a chipmunk.

It’s almost a bright red color, just like the fox you saw earlier. With big cheeks and black thin streaks down it’s little back. You take a picture of the creature and continue on your adventure through the forest. The sun is still up; beams shine down from the tree tops and bounce from tree to tree.

You’re still walking through the forest; with every step you take you hear a crunch of leaves below you. The smell of pine, dirt and misty water fill your lungs; you grow more exhilarated the deeper you go into the forest. Soon there was silence. A bear is right in front of you, picking little red berries off a small bush.

The thumping of your heart grows louder as you stand there quietly without any movement. Berry after berry, you feel yourself becoming tired of standing. Your legs start to cave, and your arms grow weaker. Then, it moves away and deeper into the depths of the forest darkness. A sigh escapes your breath, as its time to head back home.

You follow the dirt path back to that rushing stream, with the log bridge over it. The creak and crack of the wood echo again, as you cross over to the other side. Once your boots hit the ground, its off to home where it’s safe and warm.

Whimsical 9

Trust me

Hopeless Romantic 9

Can you trust me with the big things? When a pet dies and you go through a depressions stage and that makes you feel so sick your stomach hurts. Can you trust me with the small things? The way you stomp your feet when you get mad over something I’ve said or laughed at. Or if a favorite shirt of yours has a hole and you can’t fix it. Can you trust me with your heart? Taking your emotions and making them something absolutely new that you’ve probably never felt before. Showing you that a relationship isn’t scary at all.

You can always trust me. Never be afraid to trust me. I am not going to be like those men who never think twice as to what your thinking and how you feel. I want you to know that you can come to me with anything and trust me with either small or big things. If you get hurt by someone, can seem to cheer up or having difficulties with having faith, I will pray with you and help you as much as I can.

Can you trust me enough to become part of your family? To ask your father for your hand in marriage and show your father how I can take care of you in a godly way. Can you trust me to make the right decisions for us as a couple? Know what is right and what is wrong inside our relationship and being able to fix it right away, than putting it off. Can you trust me to boost you up to those high heights in a grocery store? Giving you a lift so you can reach the food we need to feed us, to support the two of us.

You can trust me, my dear. I will be here to hold you when you cry and laugh when you make a stupid joke. I can be trusted with secrets you want to keep and wishes you have made. You know I will love you with all my heart has to offer. Can you trust me enough for that?

Hopeless Romantic 10

Three wooden crosses

The cross- symbol of God's love to people

The evening had come for His time to go.

To be put on that cross for me and for you.

Up there on Calvary Mount were three wooden crosses.

One was for Him, and the two were for thieves.

He was nailed to that wooden crosses.

A nail in His feet, and two in each hand.

Then the cross was raised up, and there He was hanging on that wooden cross.

On His holy head, was a crown of thorns that made Him bleed.

The crowd mocked him, cried for him and laughed as he hung from that wooden cross.

“You will be with me in Paradise,” He told the thief.

With his final breath, He cried out to His father above.

Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?

Then His spirit left him, and the people below went silent.

Truly this was the Son of God!

All the people left Mount Calvary.

The curtain of the temple was torn in half, and the dead arose form their tombs.

Still on that mount were the three wooden crosses…

Raindrops rolling down my window

Whimsical 5

The wind blows and trees sway, as raindrops hit the window. Outside its scary and grey, while inside its safe and warm in your home. But rain is beautiful; it grows the plants you see out the window. All the flowers, bushes and trees enjoy the rain beating on them.

As it continues to rain, there you are, reading a book and listening to your favorite music. The smell of coffee swims in the air, while the sounds of the beating rain gradually becomes louder and louder through out the room. You turn off the music, and then grab the cup of coffee.

Now there you are sitting in the window sill, watching the raindrops roll down the glass panes. They look like they’re racing against each other to reach the bottom of the window, like a snail slugs towards a tomato. It’s peaceful, the sound of the rain beating on the window, better than any music playing. The sounds makes you smile and enjoy the small things in life.

Soon the raindrops slowly come to a halt, as the sun peeks out behind the grey clouds above. The rays burst through the glass, drying up the racing raindrops on the window. You’re sad that it has stopped raining, but are happy with it’s results. Outside the window you see colorful flowers everywhere you look, and animals taking baths in huge puddles.

The sign of Spring is finally here, you said to yourself while you sipped the coffee. Rain had brought beauty to the yard and cute animals to play in it. A laugh escapes you as you watch the nature outside. Perhaps the raindrops rolling down your window wasn’t a bad thing at all.

Whimsical 6

( This was inspired by the weather going on today in my back and front yard)

Starry skies and moon beam nights

Hopeless Romantic 6

You and me, snuggled up together in a hammock. The stars are out tonight, and the moon is shinning bright. It’s beams dance across our skin, while a shooting star flies through the night. We make a wish to always love one another and to remember the good times we shared. Constellations appear above us; we point them out with each finger.

It starts to get cold, so you reach for a blanket and cover me up. You smile as the beams of the moon shine down on my face. We kiss ever so slightly as the stars continue to shine even more brightly. Suddenly a small cloud blocks our view of the moon, and the stars begin to dim down their brightness. Now it is pitch black outside with only the sound of owls keeping us company.

But you light a candle while it grows darker and place a colander over it. You see the stars return again in the sky and you’re filled with joy. Then the cloud moves away from the moon, and it’s beams dance all over your face again. He blows out the candle and snuggles up next you, wrapping both of you together in that blanket.

Soon you and me were fast asleep in the hammock under the stars, with the moon beams across our faces. The constellations played above our heads and the shootings stars shot through the sky. It truly was a starry sky and a moon beam night for the two of us in that hammock.

Hopeless Romantic 8