To My Future Husband

I received a journal from one of my best friends for my birthday. Inside of this said journal are little notes, diary entries and special letters to whoever my future husband will be. Now, be aware, I am usually not romantic at all but this short little letter is rather um romantic in a way.

Entry 3-9-19

All letters to future husbands start out with ‘Dear Future Husband’. I think that’s a little mundane for my taste. So, here’s how this will go down…

I want you to know young man, wherever you are, that I am always thinking about you. The very thought of you being in your arms puts in me in awe. I know someday we’ll meet. Please note that my prayers for you never ceases. Though I am struggling with prayer at the moment, not a day goes by that a single prayer goes out to you. I love you wherever you are and whoever you are and nothing in this world will ever change that love for you. I do hope one day we’ll . I’ll see that charming smile, the way you hold your walk with Christ and those beautiful eyes looking down at me. Now that you’re precious to me, land are always in my heart. Because with each passing moment, I hope to one day have your lips on my and your strong arms caress me in a warm hug. But that’s just going to have to wait.

Until we meet my love…


There you have it. It’s not much of a blog post, but at least it is a post of some sort. I didn’t want to go into detail about how I’ve been or what’s going on in my life because honestly a lot of you don’t really care. Anyways, I recommend watching Leap Year if you’re not busy with work, school or human beings. It’s a lovely movie shot in one of my favorite countries: Ireland. Enjoy your Sunday readers ❤



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