Your smile is like the warm beaches of Florida

Hopeless Romantic 2

We jumped into that old cyan pick up truck, and drove out far away from the city lights. We came across the salty smell of the ocean and soft breeze of summer. He turned off the ignition, cranked up the radio and lightly took my hand.

“Shall we dance?” He asked me.

“If only you’re leading the way,” I replied.

The two of us stepped out of the car. I walked around the front end of the pick up, and took his warm hands into mine. Music started to play, as we swayed back and forth in the sand. I smiled and laughed as the sun began to set behind us. He drew me in closer while the music on the radio slowly became static. As it soon became dark, I felt his lips on my forehead and a smile breakthrough.

“I love you,” I told him.

“Why is that?” He responded.

“Because your smile is warmer than the Florida beach behind us,” I smiled.

Then we jumped back into that old cyan truck. Left the salty ocean smell and warm summer breeze behind us for the city lights of Tampa. The feeling of him and I enjoying the Florida air, dancing to the static on the radio was simply spectacular. Nothing feels better than that warm smile looking at me as the stars shone bright and the waves crashed goodbye.

Hopeless Romantic 3

When we reached the city, it was full of hustle an bustle like always. Music played loudly in the bars as we passed by. Then the pick up stopped in front of my home. My father stands on the porch waiting for me like he always does. I left the passenger seat of his pick up, and head to the porch.

“Thank you for a spectacular evening,” I said.

“Anytime. Glad I could spend it with you,” He smiled.

With that small goodbye, my father and I walked inside then got ready for bed…


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