The smell of coffee wakes me up


I sit quietly at a small table, reading my Bible as the busy streets around me ring through my ears. People pass by talking on their cellphones planning their child’s next events. But there I am reading and enjoying the harmonic sounds of the coffee shop.

“What coffee would you like?” a Barista asked me.

“You know the usual,” I replied with a smile.

The nice barista left, as I went back to my reading. Around me I could see people of all ethnics. From Asian to Russian. It was colorful to see many people getting along, drinking coffee and just relaxing in the shop. Once the barista returned, I felt a slight buzz of energy from the smell escaping my cardboard cup lid.

Its smell filled my lungs full of flavors I couldn’t fathom. All I know is that I couldn’t wait to drink it. I added the right amount of creamer and sugar to it so the coffee was perfect enough to drink, then I placed the lid back on before finishing my reading. The book of the Bible I was reading was Hebrews; perfect book to read while in a coffee shop.

I flipped through the pages, scanning each page preparing myself for the hot feeling I will get as soon as the coffee touched my lips. The feeling made me jump at first, but I suddenly got use to the heat of the coffee. As soon as I was done reading, I closed my Bible, grabbed my coffee cup.

“Have a good day, Miss,” the barista told me.

“You too,” I smiled.

Then I opened the door of the coffee shop and made my way down the busy sidewalk; heading home to see my family…

whimsical 2


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