Can we slow down?

Hopeless Romantic 4

He had something to tell me, I just know it. I’m sitting there shaking in my chair worrying if it’s all over for the both of us. The feeling of tears escaping my eyes had started up and I did not want him to see my make up run down my small heart shaped face.

“Calm down,” he reassured me.

I looked up at him from my iced tea and could see a smile poke out of the corner of his mouth. He seemed at ease with this news he was going to tell me; while I was still scared for my life. A single tear slipped from its little prison and I knew without a shadow of a doubt he noticed it rolling down my cheek.

“The news I have for you is good news,” he smiled.

That gave me great relief inside, but mentally I was screaming my head off. He grabbed my hand, lightly patting it. I wiped my eye with the napkin sitting in my lap; everything was obviously alright. The sun was slowly descending behind me, and our food gradually became colder with each passing moment.

“Can we slow down?” He asked me.

In that spare moment of peace, I smiled at him through my tea glass. I worried myself for nothing. He laughed at me and then picked at his food waiting for an answer from me.

“Yes, we can slow down,” I smiled with a nod.

Then the two of us went back to are half hot, half cold dinner and enjoyed the rest of the evening without any worry or shed of tears. He knows just how to cheer me up with just the simplest of questions no matter how big or small.

Hopeless Romantic 5


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