Taller than the trees

Whimsical 3

Listening to the birds sings, watching the sun rise above the horizon and feeling a soft breeze brush across your face. These are the wonders of creation. You admire the green trees around you, and the leaves they have sprouted on their tiny little branches. It makes you smile to see how beautiful God has made the things around you.

The sun had finally risen, and the animals have come out to play. You look up at the sky smiling at the puffy clouds passing by. God is truly taller than the trees. He created the things you see, the things you smell and the things you eat. Rays of sunshine dance across the seem of your dress, as the song of birds bounce throughout the forest.

You can feel God smiling down on you. You feel at ease, safe and warm. Creation has a way to show you that beauty is everywhere you go. God is truly taller than the trees. The animals play at your feet, scampering around for food and items for their homes; while you watch them in awe.

Finally you grow tired, and the sun slowly hides behind a dark rain cloud. Drops of water begin to fall from those once puffy white clouds, to now ugly grey clouds. You’re scared as thunder booms and lightning crashes. But God is still taller than the trees. A lean too can be seen from where you stand, so you run to get some cover from the drops falling from the sky.

Soon it stops, no more drops from the sky or ugly grey clouds. The sun is back and the drops have made flowers sprout from the ground below. A smile breaks through your damp face as the sun dries everything up. God is truly taller than the trees. It was time to go home now, tell everyone what you saw and how creations is the most beautiful thing of them all.

Whimsical 4


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