Starry skies and moon beam nights

Hopeless Romantic 6

You and me, snuggled up together in a hammock. The stars are out tonight, and the moon is shinning bright. It’s beams dance across our skin, while a shooting star flies through the night. We make a wish to always love one another and to remember the good times we shared. Constellations appear above us; we point them out with each finger.

It starts to get cold, so you reach for a blanket and cover me up. You smile as the beams of the moon shine down on my face. We kiss ever so slightly as the stars continue to shine even more brightly. Suddenly a small cloud blocks our view of the moon, and the stars begin to dim down their brightness. Now it is pitch black outside with only the sound of owls keeping us company.

But you light a candle while it grows darker and place a colander over it. You see the stars return again in the sky and you’re filled with joy. Then the cloud moves away from the moon, and it’s beams dance all over your face again. He blows out the candle and snuggles up next you, wrapping both of you together in that blanket.

Soon you and me were fast asleep in the hammock under the stars, with the moon beams across our faces. The constellations played above our heads and the shootings stars shot through the sky. It truly was a starry sky and a moon beam night for the two of us in that hammock.

Hopeless Romantic 8


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