Raindrops rolling down my window

Whimsical 5

The wind blows and trees sway, as raindrops hit the window. Outside its scary and grey, while inside its safe and warm in your home. But rain is beautiful; it grows the plants you see out the window. All the flowers, bushes and trees enjoy the rain beating on them.

As it continues to rain, there you are, reading a book and listening to your favorite music. The smell of coffee swims in the air, while the sounds of the beating rain gradually becomes louder and louder through out the room. You turn off the music, and then grab the cup of coffee.

Now there you are sitting in the window sill, watching the raindrops roll down the glass panes. They look like they’re racing against each other to reach the bottom of the window, like a snail slugs towards a tomato. It’s peaceful, the sound of the rain beating on the window, better than any music playing. The sounds makes you smile and enjoy the small things in life.

Soon the raindrops slowly come to a halt, as the sun peeks out behind the grey clouds above. The rays burst through the glass, drying up the racing raindrops on the window. You’re sad that it has stopped raining, but are happy with it’s results. Outside the window you see colorful flowers everywhere you look, and animals taking baths in huge puddles.

The sign of Spring is finally here, you said to yourself while you sipped the coffee. Rain had brought beauty to the yard and cute animals to play in it. A laugh escapes you as you watch the nature outside. Perhaps the raindrops rolling down your window wasn’t a bad thing at all.

Whimsical 6

( This was inspired by the weather going on today in my back and front yard)


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