Trust me

Hopeless Romantic 9

Can you trust me with the big things? When a pet dies and you go through a depressions stage and that makes you feel so sick your stomach hurts. Can you trust me with the small things? The way you stomp your feet when you get mad over something I’ve said or laughed at. Or if a favorite shirt of yours has a hole and you can’t fix it. Can you trust me with your heart? Taking your emotions and making them something absolutely new that you’ve probably never felt before. Showing you that a relationship isn’t scary at all.

You can always trust me. Never be afraid to trust me. I am not going to be like those men who never think twice as to what your thinking and how you feel. I want you to know that you can come to me with anything and trust me with either small or big things. If you get hurt by someone, can seem to cheer up or having difficulties with having faith, I will pray with you and help you as much as I can.

Can you trust me enough to become part of your family? To ask your father for your hand in marriage and show your father how I can take care of you in a godly way. Can you trust me to make the right decisions for us as a couple? Know what is right and what is wrong inside our relationship and being able to fix it right away, than putting it off. Can you trust me to boost you up to those high heights in a grocery store? Giving you a lift so you can reach the food we need to feed us, to support the two of us.

You can trust me, my dear. I will be here to hold you when you cry and laugh when you make a stupid joke. I can be trusted with secrets you want to keep and wishes you have made. You know I will love you with all my heart has to offer. Can you trust me enough for that?

Hopeless Romantic 10


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