Adventure soothes the soul

Whimsical 8

Walking along log bridges, with the rushing stream underneath it. The creak in the wood is a soothing sound once you reach the other side. A smile peaks through, as you see a fox prance around in a meadow of yellow daisies. You pull out the camera stuffed in your pack, and quickly snap a picture before the fox disappears.

The smell of the daisies leads you down a small dirt path and into another forest. Sounds of birds echo throughout the tall trees over head, while you walk in between each tree gap. You take pictures of moss growing on some trees and small little fungus on the ground. Suddenly you hear something rustle around in the leaves at your feet. It’s a chipmunk.

It’s almost a bright red color, just like the fox you saw earlier. With big cheeks and black thin streaks down it’s little back. You take a picture of the creature and continue on your adventure through the forest. The sun is still up; beams shine down from the tree tops and bounce from tree to tree.

You’re still walking through the forest; with every step you take you hear a crunch of leaves below you. The smell of pine, dirt and misty water fill your lungs; you grow more exhilarated the deeper you go into the forest. Soon there was silence. A bear is right in front of you, picking little red berries off a small bush.

The thumping of your heart grows louder as you stand there quietly without any movement. Berry after berry, you feel yourself becoming tired of standing. Your legs start to cave, and your arms grow weaker. Then, it moves away and deeper into the depths of the forest darkness. A sigh escapes your breath, as its time to head back home.

You follow the dirt path back to that rushing stream, with the log bridge over it. The creak and crack of the wood echo again, as you cross over to the other side. Once your boots hit the ground, its off to home where it’s safe and warm.

Whimsical 9


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