You brighten the darkness inside me

Whimsical 10

Its dark. The shades are barely closed and the windows aren’t even open. There in the dimness of the bedroom, is you sitting on the bed. Your hair is in a bun, the clothes you have are are baggy and smell like sweat. Deep down inside of you, there is a feeling that cannot seem to escape. Depression. You’ve tried everything. Music, reading and even a cup of coffee, but nothing works.

Your stomach hurts, your tired and you don’t want anything to do with people. A curdling hatred bellows in the back of your head, as the position your sitting in bothers your knees. Soon the sun peaks through a crack in the curtains. Quickly you shut the curtains closed, and the bedroom goes darker than it was.

There in the darkness of the bedroom, is you holding yourself, fighting tears back from rolling down your cheeks. You feel like a failure, not being able to complete things, work hard and live as an adult. An ache in your heart tells you that none of that stuff isn’t true, but you don’t listen.

Suddenly, even in the darkest parts of the bedroom, you hear a voice breaking through the curtains. A small beam of light shines down on your knees. The voice is low, but warm as it tells you that your worthy more to it than anything else on the earth. You can feel yourself smile again, while the voice goes on and one about how He chose His Son to die for you, so that you can live.

That voice was God reminding you that trials and tribulation helps you draw closer to Him. Depression is just one of those trials, He tells you. Soon tears begin to roll down your face, as the voice leaves the presence of the bedroom. You feel better, and stronger than earlier. Although you may battle with darkness inside, God always has a way to brighten up that darkness no matter what it is.

Whimsical 11



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