Brighter than the sun

Hopeless Romantic 11

Kenny Chesney plays through the headphones, while there you are sitting in the sand bopping your head to the music. Gulls caw on and on over the ocean blue. The waves crash upon the wet sand, as tiny crabs side step to their holes. Kenny is still singing in your ears, just as a young man strides by you.

He wears rolled up jeans, a nice button up shirt and his shoes in hand. Act natural you tell yourself, as the music switches from Kenny Chesney to Colbie Caillat in a matter of seconds. You freeze as the young man stares at you. He smiles, then continues to walk down the sandy beach.

Once he leaves, you proceed to sing the song coming from the headphones as loud as you possibly can. Nobody is around to hear your off key singing, nobody except that young man.

“You know I can hear your singing,” He stated.

The color of your face changed from pale to a bright red. Your face starts to get hot; you’ve made a complete fool of yourself. Colbie Caillat stops singing in your ears. Water from the cool ocean crash against your pale feet, as silence drifts between the both of you.

“Why did you stop? I enjoyed it,” He smiled.

A smile breaks through the embarrassed look on your face. The music continues to play in your ears again, while the gulls are still cawing away. You start singing the song, this time a little softer. He sits down next to you, and quietly sings with you. There in the silent cawing of the gulls, the both of you sing Brighter than the Sun by Colbie Caillat.

Though it may have been foolish of you to sing out loud, you gained a friend in the end of it. One who can sing along with you, even if your slightly off key with actual artist playing…


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