Running from shadows


Throat hurting, chest in pain; you come to a screeching halt at a fork in the road. It’s dark outside, moon beams project shadows on the ground and stars twinkle over head. You were running for a long time, running from something. Scabs from tripping begin to bleed from your knees; pain shoots through your skin. What were you running from? Who were you running from?

In the distance you can see people you once knew, people you cared about but no longer exist. They’re shadows of your past that still haunt you every once in awhile. The shadows glare at you, stick their tongues out at you and look always happy, while you hold onto a fear that they gave you in the first place. Are that what you’re running from? Are those who you’re running from?

But shadows of the past shouldn’t hurt you and cause you to stumble in the real life, they’re just shadows; images of things you did several years ago. The misty dark air wraps around you like a cool blanket, as the fork in the road slowly disappears. Two paths. One path is the shadows that lived in your past; those people who hate you, caused you to stumble and lied to your very face. The other is the path of your life now; family, friends and a nice church family that loves you and actually cares.

Stop running, face it. Deal with it; shadows won’t harm you. There just dark images projecting off of objects and beings. You are better than that! Running only causes you to fear, to hate yourself and not trust anyone. That fork in the road is beginning to show you one path and one path only; God’s path that He made for you on purpose. Were you running from that? Were you running from God’s path this whole time?

You can’t run from shadows, because they will still follow you wherever you go. But that is why you have God, He can shine through those dark projections and shine through you. No need for running anymore, no need for scabbed knees or forks in the road. Just you and God, no shadows. God is bigger than anything; including false images made from moon beams and sun rays. You just need to stop running from them and start following God.

Aesthetic 2


When the stones cry out

Whimsical 23

Your silent among the loudest cries. People all around you have a voice that wants to be heard, but there you are, sitting with the Bible in your hand. They point fingers at you because you love God, they dismiss the fact that God is the reason human beings cannot live the way they want to live. So, your silent, while the stones cry out.

Yelling, screaming and arguments echo around the United States. Bills passing for bathrooms, gay marriage has become normal, and Christians are remaining quiet. You feel horrible about the brothers and sisters of Christ who have a voice but never say anything; they’re like you, silent. God’s people need to stand up and speak. But the you don’t and neither do they. The stones still cry out.

You see people of big churches and movements that speak out, but they just accept  whatever goes on; no defense is needed apparently. Anger builds around the very air you breath; acceptance had become something every other Christian deals with and not speaks about. But you are still silent, because you’re opinionated and passionate.

The Government sits upon a throne of crushed dreams, humiliation and dead Americans, but no one talks about it, they’re all silent like yourself. Those stones cry out louder, as you sit reading the Bible; your voice says nothing. Then, you see someone you know, someone who isn’t afraid of saying what needs to be said.

You feel better, you feel like you can finally say something about the things going on in the United States. People finally hear you, but only a bare minimal can hear what needs to be said. That doesn’t matter, all the matters is God gave you the voice to do so. The stones cries slowly cease, and that stone in your own heart goes away. You now feel comfortable to talk, debate and be an example to others without wanting to feel silent.

No more cries of stones or people wanting to stone you. God gave you a voice so you can stand up for what you personally believe in, not to sit silently as everything burns around you. Remember that air of anger that swam around, well it’s slowly dissipating. You, that silent girl/boy that sat alone finally found their voice among all the crying out stones.

Whimsical 24

(Inspired from devotions this morning)


Whimsical 20

Flowers, trees and little bushes. They sprout from the wet ground and into the sunshine above. Birds chirping as they pluck worms for their younglings, rabbits escaping their holes and cats playing with stray pieces of grass. Where are you in all of this beauty and wonder? You’re enjoying it, exploring it and basking in the sun. Strands of hair blow in the breeze, fat toes dig into the cut grass as flowers are picked.

Admiring God’s beauty, God’s love of the animals and the planets He created. Sprouting out of the ground like they were made for adoring, for smelling or for taking Polaroids. Dirt stains the hem of the dress you wear, pebbles fall in the boots you wear and baby bird eggs fall into the cut grass. The egg is blue; you return it to the fashionably built nest it was in. Rays of sun dance among the field you pranced through; bugs fly everywhere from planet to planet.

Butterflies flutter around bright colorful flowers, along with bees. The sweet sound of the buzzing soothes you and paints a smile across your face. It’s cool, warm even with the breeze blowing again. Tree branches sway back and forth above your head; birds perch singing songs to one another.

Sprouting all around. Yourself, animals, planets and family. It’s quite a calming effect, something to soothe a troubled mind. Something to thank God for each day when you walk outside. He created the things out there no to look at from behind the glass, but to go out and explore it. You’re not a weird person if you find God’s creation aesthetically pleasing, you’re just…a normal person.

Whimsical 21

Wide awake

Whimsical 19

The sun has already descended and all the animals are asleep. But there you are wide awake in bed. Thoughts race back and forth in your head; wondering what to say or do. Life is hard so the old saying goes; everyone trying to stick there nose into it.

You scream out loud hoping you’ll be heard, but your scream is just a simple whispers. You close your eyes so you can sleep; mistakes you’ve made keep you wide awake. A tear falls from your cheek because being good enough isn’t the same as it use to be.

Prayer helps everything. So you pray that God lead you. You pray for courage to stand up to whatever is put before you. Soon you’re asleep, safe and warm in bed. No more mistakes haunting you, no more tears falling from your eye.

Just a smile and reassurance that your loved by an amazing God who is always there for you, even in the darkest parts of your bedroom when you are stuck wide awake. Fast asleep you are, curled up in bed, with a cat on the your back. Wide awake you are no more.

(Inspired by a journal entry)

As I look out

Whimsical 17

As I look out my window, with you and my cat by my side, I am awe with the nature He created. The sun shines down on our faces, and bonces off the cats whiskers into the room behind us. A small summer breeze flows past us, with its smell of flowers and fresh cut grass. Birds tweet, children play and the cat meows loudly through the window. The curtains hanging above the window pane blowing in the breeze; trees sway back and forth.

Your hand in mine, enjoying God’s creation on this warm day. My cat sits on your back; you cringing from the pain of its claws. A cup of iced coffee sits in the sill of the window, as music starts to play out in the yard below. “Birds flying high, you know how I feel” begins to echo around the house; I bop my head in delight.

A smile paints our faces, while the sun slowly descends over the tree line. The weather was perfect and beautiful, like an image of God’s love. I finish my iced coffee, and the cat hops down off your back. Today was great, amazing in fact. You by my side and the summer breeze blowing in our faces; perfection in a bottle.

God makes the smallest things beautiful, as I look out my window with you. The sun is gone now and all we see are shadows of the trees and hooting owls. Stars twinkle, the moon shines and all the children are asleep. Its peaceful; no more noise, no more sounds. The breeze has ceased and its no longer blowing the curtains around. There we are, enjoying the last bits of perfection, as we look out the window.

Whimsical 18

They are there

Whimsical 15

They are there for you; giving good advice, making you smile, and sharing a coffee or two. But you feel like there slowly slipping away with each passing moment. There are there, whenever someone tries to hurt you verbally or physically. But you don’t know what to believe anymore when they speak. Are they there? Did they become like shadows of the night? You don’t know, all you know is that they are there.

They are there for you; enjoying each and every bit of laughter and joy. But anger blinds them, as arguments ensue and emotions are bent. They are there, joining in on your favorite things and discussions about your day. But their kindness only goes so far they you truly think. Are they there? Did they become like ghosts of a graveyard? You don’t know, all you know is that they are there.

They are there for you; helping your skills whether they be small or big to you. But honestly do they really care that much for it as much as you do. They are there, standing up to idiots in your life and being able to fight them for you. But that is all just words to you, no real action. Are they there? Did they become like wolves in the mist? You don’t know, all you know is that they are there.

Whimsical 16

(Inspired by my feelings)


Whimsical 13

Just breathe. Let the breeze blow past you, and the smell of Spring fill your lungs. Just breathe. Enjoy the bright warm shining down on your skin. Just breathe. Everything will be alright; you’re safe, you’re loved and you’re a Child of God. Just breathe, just breathe.

Just smile. The cats are playing, and birds are chirping over your head. Just smile. For God created you in a unique way. Just smile. There is someone special out there for you; be patient. Just smile. Enjoy the life you’ve made for yourself. Just smile. You have the greatest of friends and a loving family. Just smile, just smile

Just pray. While you face hardship, God is there. Just pray. There is a need for more faith and grace. Just pray. God can heal even the smallest of things. Just pray. For you aren’t worthless in the eyes of God. Just pray, just pray.

Just sing. Praises to God make Him smile. Just sing. Your voice should always be heard. Just sing. Don’t ever think people aren’t listening to you, because they are. Just sing. Words and songs matter to everyone, including The Father above. Just sing. Every word spoken, and every song sung isn’t small. Just sing, just sing.

Just Breathe

Just Smile

Just Pray

Just Sing

He has told you, O man, what is good;
    and what does the Lord require of you
but to do justice, and to love kindness,
    and to walk humbly with your God?

Micah 6:8

Whimsical 14