Alone again…


Smells of different coffees swam through the air. The sound of employees and customers echoed in the background, as you sit alone at a small table waiting for a friend. Its busy like any other coffee shop would be. People coming and going as usual.

Soon you see your friend enter the shop. They order their coffee, and sit down across from you at the table. Both of you catch up from over the few weeks of not seeing each other. Til, someone else walks in that is friends with you and the other friend.

The friend sitting across from you waves at the other friend, grabs their coffee off the table and leaves you all alone again. Out of the corner of your eye, the two friends of yours talk, laugh and squeal over things you know nothing about.

A feeling you haven’t had in a a long time shoots through your mind, just as tears begin to fall from your very cheeks. Whoever stole that friend you’ve been waiting for, surely has thing more in common than you.

You’re all alone again…with a cup of coffee and a Bible by your side. You’re all alone again…with the feeling of being left out, and growing older while your friend are still young.
You’re all alone again…
Alone again


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