Walking home

Whimsical 12

The temperature slowly grows colder, the wind picks up a bit and snow begins to fall. Your hair is in your face, and chills run up your back from the cool wind. All alone, walking home you see a different side of the big city. Citizens from the urban area selling whatever they have for food and warmth. Police officers patrolling the streets in their cars and on foot, and children with their parents screaming bloody murder.

You can feel the eyes of everyone giving judging looks. Their looks make you pick up speed, as the snow becomes heavier with each step. All the citizens that were looking at you, were soon heading inside; that had made you feel a lot better. Snowflakes were caught in your hair and the wind was making you colder and colder.

Soon your home finally comes into view. An exhausted sigh escapes your lips, as you reach for the door knob. A gust of warm air blows in your face as you step inside. After all the fear running through your veins, the feeling of being back home was the best feeling ever. Next time, you should probably take the bus home.

Walking home is scary during winter in a big city…


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