The color Black and the color White

Inspiration 1

Black and White. One is mysterious, elegant and soulless; while the other is pure, holy and shines through you. Both are colors, both represent something inside of you. A person can be the greatest human being, but still have a pitch black heart. The color black; a color to wear on your pale skinned body, but a nasty color to portray to others.

The color white; a color that can be hard to wear on your body, but even harder to portray to others. Black and White are different sides of Christians. One is someone who says they are Christians, but never follow Christ; the other is someone who says they’re Christians and actually follow Christ.

Black is the color of Satan, the soulless fallen angel who torments us each day we breathe; trying to lead us down to his level. White is the color of God’s holiness, the Father above who strengthens us during those times of torment and hardships. Both of these colors have their consequences; one is good, the other is bad.

These colors give you paths to walk down. Black leads you down a path full of dead trees, spider webs and small vermin; White leads you down a path of clouds, sunshine and beautiful blossomed trees. Satan is at the end of the Black path; as for God, he is at the end of the White path.

Black or White? Which color suites you better? The color that ruins your life, or the color that brightens your life? It’s up to you to choose the color that will satisfy whatever need you think you have… So, what color?


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