As I look out

Whimsical 17

As I look out my window, with you and my cat by my side, I am awe with the nature He created. The sun shines down on our faces, and bonces off the cats whiskers into the room behind us. A small summer breeze flows past us, with its smell of flowers and fresh cut grass. Birds tweet, children play and the cat meows loudly through the window. The curtains hanging above the window pane blowing in the breeze; trees sway back and forth.

Your hand in mine, enjoying God’s creation on this warm day. My cat sits on your back; you cringing from the pain of its claws. A cup of iced coffee sits in the sill of the window, as music starts to play out in the yard below. “Birds flying high, you know how I feel” begins to echo around the house; I bop my head in delight.

A smile paints our faces, while the sun slowly descends over the tree line. The weather was perfect and beautiful, like an image of God’s love. I finish my iced coffee, and the cat hops down off your back. Today was great, amazing in fact. You by my side and the summer breeze blowing in our faces; perfection in a bottle.

God makes the smallest things beautiful, as I look out my window with you. The sun is gone now and all we see are shadows of the trees and hooting owls. Stars twinkle, the moon shines and all the children are asleep. Its peaceful; no more noise, no more sounds. The breeze has ceased and its no longer blowing the curtains around. There we are, enjoying the last bits of perfection, as we look out the window.

Whimsical 18


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