Wide awake

Whimsical 19

The sun has already descended and all the animals are asleep. But there you are wide awake in bed. Thoughts race back and forth in your head; wondering what to say or do. Life is hard so the old saying goes; everyone trying to stick there nose into it.

You scream out loud hoping you’ll be heard, but your scream is just a simple whispers. You close your eyes so you can sleep; mistakes you’ve made keep you wide awake. A tear falls from your cheek because being good enough isn’t the same as it use to be.

Prayer helps everything. So you pray that God lead you. You pray for courage to stand up to whatever is put before you. Soon you’re asleep, safe and warm in bed. No more mistakes haunting you, no more tears falling from your eye.

Just a smile and reassurance that your loved by an amazing God who is always there for you, even in the darkest parts of your bedroom when you are stuck wide awake. Fast asleep you are, curled up in bed, with a cat on the your back. Wide awake you are no more.

(Inspired by a journal entry)


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