Whimsical 20

Flowers, trees and little bushes. They sprout from the wet ground and into the sunshine above. Birds chirping as they pluck worms for their younglings, rabbits escaping their holes and cats playing with stray pieces of grass. Where are you in all of this beauty and wonder? You’re enjoying it, exploring it and basking in the sun. Strands of hair blow in the breeze, fat toes dig into the cut grass as flowers are picked.

Admiring God’s beauty, God’s love of the animals and the planets He created. Sprouting out of the ground like they were made for adoring, for smelling or for taking Polaroids. Dirt stains the hem of the dress you wear, pebbles fall in the boots you wear and baby bird eggs fall into the cut grass. The egg is blue; you return it to the fashionably built nest it was in. Rays of sun dance among the field you pranced through; bugs fly everywhere from planet to planet.

Butterflies flutter around bright colorful flowers, along with bees. The sweet sound of the buzzing soothes you and paints a smile across your face. It’s cool, warm even with the breeze blowing again. Tree branches sway back and forth above your head; birds perch singing songs to one another.

Sprouting all around. Yourself, animals, planets and family. It’s quite a calming effect, something to soothe a troubled mind. Something to thank God for each day when you walk outside. He created the things out there no to look at from behind the glass, but to go out and explore it. You’re not a weird person if you find God’s creation aesthetically pleasing, you’re just…a normal person.

Whimsical 21


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