When the stones cry out

Whimsical 23

Your silent among the loudest cries. People all around you have a voice that wants to be heard, but there you are, sitting with the Bible in your hand. They point fingers at you because you love God, they dismiss the fact that God is the reason human beings cannot live the way they want to live. So, your silent, while the stones cry out.

Yelling, screaming and arguments echo around the United States. Bills passing for bathrooms, gay marriage has become normal, and Christians are remaining quiet. You feel horrible about the brothers and sisters of Christ who have a voice but never say anything; they’re like you, silent. God’s people need to stand up and speak. But the you don’t and neither do they. The stones still cry out.

You see people of big churches and movements that speak out, but they just accept  whatever goes on; no defense is needed apparently. Anger builds around the very air you breath; acceptance had become something every other Christian deals with and not speaks about. But you are still silent, because you’re opinionated and passionate.

The Government sits upon a throne of crushed dreams, humiliation and dead Americans, but no one talks about it, they’re all silent like yourself. Those stones cry out louder, as you sit reading the Bible; your voice says nothing. Then, you see someone you know, someone who isn’t afraid of saying what needs to be said.

You feel better, you feel like you can finally say something about the things going on in the United States. People finally hear you, but only a bare minimal can hear what needs to be said. That doesn’t matter, all the matters is God gave you the voice to do so. The stones cries slowly cease, and that stone in your own heart goes away. You now feel comfortable to talk, debate and be an example to others without wanting to feel silent.

No more cries of stones or people wanting to stone you. God gave you a voice so you can stand up for what you personally believe in, not to sit silently as everything burns around you. Remember that air of anger that swam around, well it’s slowly dissipating. You, that silent girl/boy that sat alone finally found their voice among all the crying out stones.

Whimsical 24

(Inspired from devotions this morning)


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