Running from shadows


Throat hurting, chest in pain; you come to a screeching halt at a fork in the road. It’s dark outside, moon beams project shadows on the ground and stars twinkle over head. You were running for a long time, running from something. Scabs from tripping begin to bleed from your knees; pain shoots through your skin. What were you running from? Who were you running from?

In the distance you can see people you once knew, people you cared about but no longer exist. They’re shadows of your past that still haunt you every once in awhile. The shadows glare at you, stick their tongues out at you and look always happy, while you hold onto a fear that they gave you in the first place. Are that what you’re running from? Are those who you’re running from?

But shadows of the past shouldn’t hurt you and cause you to stumble in the real life, they’re just shadows; images of things you did several years ago. The misty dark air wraps around you like a cool blanket, as the fork in the road slowly disappears. Two paths. One path is the shadows that lived in your past; those people who hate you, caused you to stumble and lied to your very face. The other is the path of your life now; family, friends and a nice church family that loves you and actually cares.

Stop running, face it. Deal with it; shadows won’t harm you. There just dark images projecting off of objects and beings. You are better than that! Running only causes you to fear, to hate yourself and not trust anyone. That fork in the road is beginning to show you one path and one path only; God’s path that He made for you on purpose. Were you running from that? Were you running from God’s path this whole time?

You can’t run from shadows, because they will still follow you wherever you go. But that is why you have God, He can shine through those dark projections and shine through you. No need for running anymore, no need for scabbed knees or forks in the road. Just you and God, no shadows. God is bigger than anything; including false images made from moon beams and sun rays. You just need to stop running from them and start following God.

Aesthetic 2


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