When you

Whimsical 27

When you hear the words of disaster, words of fear striking the very soul you worked hard to build up. The soul God breathed into, the soul that God made out of the dusts of the ground and His holy words. How can words of disaster, pain and fear strike you so hard? Does it hurt when those fateful words come out of the mouths of experts, pastors and parents? Yes.

When you wake up in the morning to hear baby animals have been born, and they all lived; its peaceful. Peaceful to hear the cries of baby animals everyday you rise from the comfort of your bed. Peaceful to know God spared them from death once again. How can peace strike you so gently? Does it make you smile every hour of the day? Yes.

When you know that everything will be alright, if you just put effort in it; no more depression. You gain a sudden feeling when you know things will alright. Relief of knowing your better than before. Relief that dreams can come true. How can a relief strike you so calmly? Does it make you feel better about one’s self? Yes.

When you sit alone with feelings pounding on your chest; feelings of anger, sadness and hurt. The very same feelings you yourself tried so hard to protect over the amount of years being alive. What do you call that? Pure. Pure of heart, mind and body. Pure, because God has gotten you to that point in your life. How does purity strike you out of nowhere? Does it show others an example to live by? Yes.

In those moments, the ones God gave you, never forget that He still loves you and cares for you in every step of your life. Our lives aren’t meant to be rainbows and ice cream cones, they’re meant to glorify the God who made us before the very existence of time. Yeah it will be rough, but God watches us from a high balcony and protects us with every step we takes.

When the solid ground is falling out, from underneath my feet,
Between the black skies and my red eyes, I can barely see
And when I’m feeling like I’ve let down by my friends and my family, I can hear the rain reminding me

In the eye of the storm, You remain in control
In the middle of the war, You guard my soul
You alone are the anchor, when my sails are torn
Your love surrounds me, in the eye of the storm

When my hopes and dreams are far from me, and I’m running out of faith
I see the future I pictured slowly fade away
And when the tears of pain and heartache are pouring down my face
I find my peace in Jesus’ name ~Ryan Stevenson, Eye of the Storm.

Whimsical 28


You’ll be alright

Aesthetic 11

Black is what you wear

Everyday and night

Sad is what you feel

But you hide it all the time

Your friends are happy around you

As you sulk deep into a corner

You’ll be alright

Quite crying, sulking and dying inside

Life isn’t short so go on an live it

God gave you a purpose

A will to live everyday

So stop with the black and the grey

You’ll be alright

Opinions and thoughts may belong to you

Words are just words

Not a dagger to the heart

Forget what you’ve done in the past

That shouldn’t matter anymore

You’ll be alright

God is there all the time

Watching, caring and loving you

He gave you a purpose

You don’t know it just yet

So keep praying

 You’ll be alright

Aesthetic 12

The world behind a window


Underneath those silk curtains, behind the wooden frame and glass, is the world. The world you maybe afraid to walk through, live in and work in. Fear bounds you like a captured bull in a rodeo; can’t escape and out of breath. Behind the window is the world you have no clue what will bring you if you step out of the comfort zone you’ve created for yourself. You stare, watch and wonder what the people are doing and going each day you arise from your comfy bed. Are they succeeding on life? Will you be like them someday?

Unfortunately, fear has nailed you to the ground on which you walk on. You cannot escape unless you peel the nails off with the crowbar of courage and walk away without looking back. The world behind the window waits for you like a long lost pet from years ago or a friend you haven’t spoken to in months.It’s scary, full of people you don’t know. But, you cannot live in the life you’ve created for so long, soon you’ll have to jump out that window and leave.

Don’t you understand that God has your back?! If you just rely on Him then those nails that bound you to the floor and the doubt the grips your very heart will be gone? The world behind the window has no one like you out there, you’ll be alone and struggle each day. People will mock you, point fingers and tell you that you’re wrong. So? How cares what they say, as long as you’re glorifying God in what you do and say nothing else shouldn’t matter.

The world behind the window is a mystery, a treasure and murderous. That fear you hold so dear to you, shouldn’t control your life, it should motivate you to become better and stronger. You may like what you’ve built up so far, but all buildings are knock down when they become too old… The world behind the window is waiting for you, do you have the guts to jump?

Whimsical 26

Meeting you was a dream

Hopeless Romantic 15

Asleep in your comfy bed, alone in the dark with cats on your bed. You dream of beautiful things happening to; no more sadness, no more hurt. Then in the smoke of the dream, you see a man. His arms are open out towards you and smile is spread across his handsome face. You casually walk to him, a bit afraid and a bit worried. What will he think of you? Will he respect you?

The man takes your hand into his; the two of you begin to walk a small  town mall together. People were all over, music played; it was nice but too loud. You wrapped your arm around his; he smiled and kissed the top of your head. Everything felt perfect. The man looked down out you as a yawn escaped your lips; it was getting rather late and you were getting hungry.

There was a cafe up ahead. Aroma of tasty food fumed out of the kitchen, as the both of you sat down to eat. Beautifully plated food was placed in front of you. You looked across the table at the man you’ve been walking around with and smiled big. He takes your hands, bows his head lightly and starts to pray over the food. As soon as he said amen, the two of you began eating.

The sun started to set; it was time to go. Dinner was consumed and the two of had to part ways. In the midst of the crowd of people, the man kisses you on the cheek as he disappears in the smoke. Now you’re alone in a small crowd, a little love-struck and confused. Then with a snap you wake up to the morning of a new day, and wondering what exactly happened. Who was that man? You’ll never know.

I guess meeting you…was a dream after all.

Hopeless Romantic 16

Miracles in the dark

Aesthetic 8

Somethings happen to you, something you’d never think would ever happen. But it did. You sit alone in sadness that no one else can understand; you deal with a darkness that perhaps someone can relate but never get it. You feel like it’s a dead end; the end of your happiness, your love and your faith. But it isn’t. God stands at that dead end, waiting for you with arms wide open.

Lyrics such as “need you now” swim around you like a buzzing bee reminding you that there is no such thing as a dead end in your life. Fitting as those words sound, they’re also true. Miracles can happen in the dark; in the pit of anguish you may wallow in. Something like a chronic illness, loss of a loved one or letting go of the past, shouldn’t bound you. A dead end isn’t really a dead end, it’s a beginning.

Calm down, breathe. One thing you should remember is that prayer is more powerful than anything on this earth. That feeling you get hit with when something horrific happens may last for a small moment, but it will forever remain inside of you. Miracles can happen in the dark; in the sadness of each day you live. It’s gonna hurt but healing from that hurt will make us stronger to face the trails in our lives.

Never forget and never regret. God stands at that dead end waiting for you. A new beginning, a new life and a new way of living. Bad things happen if you only think negatively and quit relying on God’s grace. You may think the world is on your shoulders and that darkness creeping up beside you will kill you. But it won’t. Miracles can happen in the dark; in the doubt and fear we have. Don’t forget to believe in the hope we crave and happiness God gives us everyday.

Aesthetic 7

Breathe in, breathe out

Aesthetic 5

Breathe in the warm air swirling around you.

Let go of all the things bothering you inside your head.

Relax, pray and breathe out slowly.

Close your eyes.

Listen to what God has to say.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Alone you feel everyday, quiet is something you crave.

You pushed Him away, you can’t hear Him anymore.

Let go of all the things bothering you inside your head.

Close your eyes.

Listen to what God has to say.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Silence, whispers, lies.

They swirl around in your head like a sea of regret.

You’ve close yourself off so hurt doesn’t penetrate the shield you carry.

You pushed Him away, you can’t Him anymore.

Let go of all the things bothering you inside your head.

Close your eyes.

Listen to what God has to say.

Breathe in, breathe out.

At last, you hear His still small voice through the darkness.

He grabs your hand.

“Never forget I am here”, He says.

You stopped pushing Him away, you can here Him now.

Let go of all the things bothering you inside your head.

Just close your eyes.

Listen to what God has to say.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Aesthetic 6

(a song by me)

Hand in hand

Hopeless Romantic 14

Hand in hand, you and me.

Through think and thin, like its suppose to be.

We pray together and read His word.

Through sickness and health, like its suppose to be.

Hand in hand, you and me.

We send each other verses of encouragement.

Through mood swings and trials, like its suppose to be.

Hand in hand, you and me.

We enjoy coffee every now and then.

You and I can talk about anything, like its suppose to be.

Hand in hand, you and me.

We are accountable for each others walk with Christ.

During the worst time of our lives were there for each other, like its suppose to be.

Hand in hand, you and me.

Our love for God keeps us together.

Keeping in contact even when were both busy, like its suppose to be.

Hand in hand, you and me.

When death comes, and we’re no more.

We’ll be together one last time, like its suppose to be.

Hand in hand, you and me.

Hopeless Romantic13