Miracles in the dark

Aesthetic 8

Somethings happen to you, something you’d never think would ever happen. But it did. You sit alone in sadness that no one else can understand; you deal with a darkness that perhaps someone can relate but never get it. You feel like it’s a dead end; the end of your happiness, your love and your faith. But it isn’t. God stands at that dead end, waiting for you with arms wide open.

Lyrics such as “need you now” swim around you like a buzzing bee reminding you that there is no such thing as a dead end in your life. Fitting as those words sound, they’re also true. Miracles can happen in the dark; in the pit of anguish you may wallow in. Something like a chronic illness, loss of a loved one or letting go of the past, shouldn’t bound you. A dead end isn’t really a dead end, it’s a beginning.

Calm down, breathe. One thing you should remember is that prayer is more powerful than anything on this earth. That feeling you get hit with when something horrific happens may last for a small moment, but it will forever remain inside of you. Miracles can happen in the dark; in the sadness of each day you live. It’s gonna hurt but healing from that hurt will make us stronger to face the trails in our lives.

Never forget and never regret. God stands at that dead end waiting for you. A new beginning, a new life and a new way of living. Bad things happen if you only think negatively and quit relying on God’s grace. You may think the world is on your shoulders and that darkness creeping up beside you will kill you. But it won’t. Miracles can happen in the dark; in the doubt and fear we have. Don’t forget to believe in the hope we crave and happiness God gives us everyday.

Aesthetic 7


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