Meeting you was a dream

Hopeless Romantic 15

Asleep in your comfy bed, alone in the dark with cats on your bed. You dream of beautiful things happening to; no more sadness, no more hurt. Then in the smoke of the dream, you see a man. His arms are open out towards you and smile is spread across his handsome face. You casually walk to him, a bit afraid and a bit worried. What will he think of you? Will he respect you?

The man takes your hand into his; the two of you begin to walk a small  town mall together. People were all over, music played; it was nice but too loud. You wrapped your arm around his; he smiled and kissed the top of your head. Everything felt perfect. The man looked down out you as a yawn escaped your lips; it was getting rather late and you were getting hungry.

There was a cafe up ahead. Aroma of tasty food fumed out of the kitchen, as the both of you sat down to eat. Beautifully plated food was placed in front of you. You looked across the table at the man you’ve been walking around with and smiled big. He takes your hands, bows his head lightly and starts to pray over the food. As soon as he said amen, the two of you began eating.

The sun started to set; it was time to go. Dinner was consumed and the two of had to part ways. In the midst of the crowd of people, the man kisses you on the cheek as he disappears in the smoke. Now you’re alone in a small crowd, a little love-struck and confused. Then with a snap you wake up to the morning of a new day, and wondering what exactly happened. Who was that man? You’ll never know.

I guess meeting you…was a dream after all.

Hopeless Romantic 16


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