The world behind a window


Underneath those silk curtains, behind the wooden frame and glass, is the world. The world you maybe afraid to walk through, live in and work in. Fear bounds you like a captured bull in a rodeo; can’t escape and out of breath. Behind the window is the world you have no clue what will bring you if you step out of the comfort zone you’ve created for yourself. You stare, watch and wonder what the people are doing and going each day you arise from your comfy bed. Are they succeeding on life? Will you be like them someday?

Unfortunately, fear has nailed you to the ground on which you walk on. You cannot escape unless you peel the nails off with the crowbar of courage and walk away without looking back. The world behind the window waits for you like a long lost pet from years ago or a friend you haven’t spoken to in months.It’s scary, full of people you don’t know. But, you cannot live in the life you’ve created for so long, soon you’ll have to jump out that window and leave.

Don’t you understand that God has your back?! If you just rely on Him then those nails that bound you to the floor and the doubt the grips your very heart will be gone? The world behind the window has no one like you out there, you’ll be alone and struggle each day. People will mock you, point fingers and tell you that you’re wrong. So? How cares what they say, as long as you’re glorifying God in what you do and say nothing else shouldn’t matter.

The world behind the window is a mystery, a treasure and murderous. That fear you hold so dear to you, shouldn’t control your life, it should motivate you to become better and stronger. You may like what you’ve built up so far, but all buildings are knock down when they become too old… The world behind the window is waiting for you, do you have the guts to jump?

Whimsical 26


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