Two in one

Aesthetic 13

A firm hand touches the cold brass doorknob. It turns ever so slightly and the creaky wooden door opens wide. Inside you see two men; one from your beloved childhood, and the other you now hate. The all so sudden urge to jump into the childhood man’s arms strikes you over the head. You want to run to him, but are too afraid to do it.

The second man stands there in front of you with heavy set eyes and arms stretched out wide for you. He wants your love, but doesn’t know how to ask for it. Soon the men merge into one single man. You stop and stare at the man you once loved, looked up to and enjoyed long talks with. He’s different now and all alone…

What do you do when someone you thought you loved so dearly all your life disappears and never comes back? Grabbing the doorknob with tears streaming down, you close the wooden door behind you and walk away to never return again.

(journal entry 5-13-16)


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