Aesthetic 16

You’re sitting in the dark, alone with tears forming in your eyes. People all around you are changing. Lives, personalities and the world. Among all the noise of people, you sit in your daily routine life that your made. It makes living feel like a bubble; a bubble of fear. The bubble you live in cannot be punctured because you won’t let anyone inside it. You’re too quiet, too paranoid to feel anything again. There’s a difference between the friends you made and yourself. They don’t understand you, so they ignore whatever spills from your mouth. So, depression comes. Change can be good and bad. It leads you into a constant state of fear. Fear that someone you dearly love will get up from the very chair they sit in, and leave without a trace.

Take in the moments that make you feel like change isn’t rushing you into a new life. Those small things that tend to put a smile on your face while darkness fills your life. Remember that bubble? Well it will slowly shrink with you inside, engulfing you in the natural normalcy of life itself. Then you feel like you have no life at all. Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it only is if you make it out to be. You watch people becoming different before your very eyes, then you look at your own life and think ‘Did I do something wrong?’ ‘What can I do to make myself better?’ You can pray. You can meditate on God’s word more and more.

As you sit in the dark, alone on your bed, you look around admiring everything on your wall. You realize your life isn’t over yet, even if you think it is. They’re maybe days you think everyone hates you because nothing you’ve done is an accomplishment and no one is proud of you. But at least, as you sulk over your miseries, God shows you the way and His plan. Change can be scary, stressful and full of emotions. It will just take time to get use to the new things in life.

Aesthetic 17


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