Can You Just Chill?

Whimsical 29

Words can be hurtful or they can lead to the truth. But words are more than being on a page or in a text message; they cause arguments, falling outs and hatred towards one another. You try your very best to articulate the words that come from your mouth; you try to make people understand you, but you seem to cause more trouble that way. Even when you speak absolute truth that comes from the Bible and God Himself, you still get painted as the bad guy, the heretic who is different and believes in something different.

So, can you just chill? Understand that you did your best with the words given to you by not only God but also your own father. Listening is all it takes. Understanding one Christian to another is all it takes. Words are just words, whether they’re from Christ alone or a depraved human, their still words. Your life shouldn’t be condemned because you believe in something different from someone else, even if it’s still similar. Just chill will you! You are who you are in Christ Jesus, and that’s not changing anytime soon or in the next millennium.

Condemnation can only go so far until you end up judging someone and call them a heretic. Take the log out of your eye, before you take the speck out of your brother’s eye. One cannot live through life thinking that what they say is always correct and end up beating you over the head with whatever they say. Not everyone is going to agree, and not everyone will care. So, can you just chill? You can not be ignored by someone even if they have never met you; that’s just believing in false pretenses. We all need a huge chill pill in life, especially when we face conflicts that can be easily resolved. That’s all it takes, honestly.

Whimsical 18



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