Lift them up

The Reagens

They’re always around. In squad cars, on street corners and inside buildings. They wear blue and they are always carry a shield with them. You and the rest of the world may not respect them for what they do every single day; perhaps that should change. Their families wake up to see tragedies go on in their own hometown. Death strikes, people scurry and lives are at risk all the time. But what do we do about such an act? We blame it on others, we say that it was the politicians fault; instead people with families are dying as we speak. Those men and women in blue you so happen to either hate, or disapprove of die everyday protecting you and everyone else.

Lift them up. Respect them as you would respect the president of the United States and other world leader. You may point fingers at their flaws, and say how awful they do their job. But they do their job for you, to protect you. Lift them up. Do just look at them and remember all the bad things they could do or what you’ve heard on the TV. None of that should matter to how you lift those men and women up. Ignore the rants about police brutality, black on black crime or white on black crime; that’s not important. What’s important is that people died for saving lives and you sit there scoffing at it.

Our country is in ruin, yes. But it’s people like the men and women in blue who shine a light into this dark corrupt world. Lift them up, not tear them down for their work or for saving YOUR life. They matter as much as anyone else on this earth. You should show respect to whoever you meet whether it’s an officer or a regular joe. Whoever it maybe, always lift them up, never ever disrespect them. They’re people like you and I, except they save lives everyday.

Aesthetic 20

(For the lives that were lost in Dallas)


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