Not yet…

Hopeless Romantic 18

Ever since you could remember, you dreamed of finding the right guy to settle down with and start something. You’d have cute little dates, smile at one another and listen to each others problems. But as the years passed and you reached a certain age, the feelings of being with a guy slowly dissipates and any chance you may have. You see your friends in relationships enjoying themselves, but what you don’t see is drama and heartache. That’s something you don’t really need right now. So much is forced on you now a days to reach that peak of becoming part of something you’ve always dreamed of, but you no longer see that happening.

People bug you and question whether or not you like/admire someone, thinking that it’s a crime to even do so. But it’s not. You’ve trained yourself not to give up your heart, not to fall into infatuation, and trying not like someone more than a friend. Because you already know that once you do, it all crumbles before your very feet and burns into ashes. Do you have a boyfriend yet? Is the question that’s always asked. You hate it and it feels like there is some sort of necessity to have a significant other in your life, because clearly your not doing anything else with it.

Stop asking that question. You can have a perfectly good life without thinking about starting a relationship right away or that someone said you’d be perfect for each other. That’s not how it works for you or anyone else on this earth. You’re not in control. God is and He is the one who is Sovereign over all; including relationships. It’s not gonna happen anytime soon, especially if you feel like your the problem… You should pray, and just be patient with yourself and others.

Just not yet, okay.

Hopeless Romantic 17


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