Always there

Whimsical 16

You lied to yourself

Thinking there was no one out there

But there is

They’re always there for you

The people you call friends

Well, their existent

Living beings that circle around

The very life you live each day

Arguments may happen

Lives maybe lost

But the love for one another never ceases

Why did you lie to yourself?

All this time there was people

People who are there for you in times of need

In times of anger

In times of distress

And in times of fun

Never forget why they’re there

Never forget why God has blessed you

Because one day you’ll wake up

And they’ll be gone

Friends are meant to be charished




And more importantly, forgiven

God gave them to you

Don’t give up on them

Don’t shut them out

Include them

Help them

Enjoy their company always and always.



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