Something New, Something Different

From the time I was old enough to understand and grasp the concept of men, I was raised up in the ways of courting. Now a lot of people I know have heard me go on and on about what it is and how one would pursue it in a Godly manner. It’s not about how many times you go out (chaperone included), its not about what the person looks like, it’s about their willingness and their faith to trust God to take them down the path of marriage. Not many see courtship the greatest path to start a relationship up with someone, but it’s the safest and most Godly way to do so (in my opinion that is). My parents are involved with whoever I start to like and they keep tabs on that person through me whether it’s text messages, phone calls etc. Its not suppose to threaten the young man, just to give him the idea that my parents are there and are making sure that my heart is protected beyond all measures. 
As many of may know, my father can come off intimidating and yes, that is intentional. But as I say again, its not meant to scare the men who peak an interest away, its a protection tactic. My father is very protective of the family, but when it comes to a young man entering the picture, he becomes very vigilant of what is going on between the oldest girl child and a young man he doesn’t know. Now you’re probably asking if there is a guy in my life right now and who is he? Unfortunately I will not disclose that information, but what I can say is I am praying about it and seeing where God leads me. Also I’ll be praying for the young man who shall not be named everyday. 

I apologize for the lack of posting, but I had to focus on what needed to be done around the house and I had to apply for college as well. I shall be posting more of my aesthetic post soon and keep everyone updated with my life. 

For His Glory,



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