One of these days 

You have those days, days where the sun won’t shine behind those big white clouds. You have those day, days where nothing seems to go your way. You have those days, days where a simple cry won’t be heard among the many other cries. You just have those days. When fear grips your throat, and clams up your voice, you feel like there is no point to live, no point to continue. You’ve walked this earth with a head held high above everyone else’s, but forgot that you’re not perfect nor better than they are. No one is raised the same as you, lives the same as you nor breathes the same as you. 

One of these days you’ll discover that the bubble you created, the closeness you’ve acquired by pleasing people and listening to whatever false words that have poured out from their mouths, will ruin you and the life you lived so far. One of these days God will show you what’s right and what’s wrong, from there making decisions shouldn’t be hard and heart wrenching. Drama, arguments, hatred and lies. One of these days, everything that has wronged you will eventually come back and bite you in the butt. You’re not perfect. God made us unique and different, nobody is the same nor raised the same. 

You are a great person, and can do amazing things if you put your mind to it. Not everything will go your way, not everyone will understand and not everyone will listen. But there is one person who will, and that is God. He is there to take things off your shoulders, heal you from a broken heart and raise you up with sweet sweet encouragement from the Bible. One of these days, you will see Him face to face sitting on His throne. But as for now, you do everything for His glory no matter what goes on. To live for Christ and to die is gain. 


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