This is who I am 

I am different from the average young woman. I have my own style when it comes to clothing, I enjoy many fictional universes and writing so much stories I loose count of them. But do you actually know me from just what’s on the surface? Do you want to delve into who I am as a human being with thoughts and feelings? Because I can tell you and you’ll see who I am without coming to my home and shaking my hand.

Introverted. Shy, quiet and probably won’t talk to you unless you speak to me. Opinions are generally kept to myself unless I feel attacked or my family is attacked. Since I’m introverted, I usually mumble my words and speak very quietly so I don’t come across annoying. 

Anxiety. Shakes every so often, gets spun up about small things and stumbles over words a lot. Very sensitive and delicate about certain subjects and loud noises. May often feel nauseated and will probably grab a roll-on bottle of lavender oil.

Depression. Mopes around and keeps quiet and to ones self. Doesn’t open up or share what is on the mind or heart; basically sulks in thoughts either made up or true. Dwells on what the outcome of certain things will become in the long run and predicts that it will be negative.

Negative. Figures that everything that happens will be bad and nothing good comes out of it. People hate you and nobody wants to be your friend. Everything you do has no purpose and no one cares (i.e depression). 

Goth/Grunge. Flannel, black, combat boots and converse. A style of clothing and genre in the young people of today’s era. Usually worn during the fall and winter months, but I wear it all the time even when it’s blazing hot outside. Stud earrings, chokers and many other pieces of jewelry go with these two styles and that is what I wear on a regular basis.

Christian. Born again believer in Christ Jesus, and do all that I do for His glory only. Worshipping Him is my main focus and serving in my ecclesia (local church). Have been a believer sine I was eight years old. My life verse is 1 Tim 1:7. 

Trust Issues. After being hurt by many people both close or third party, there has been a lack of trust among new people. There is a fear that has grasp me and learning when to trust people has been really hard. Getting older, trusting people has gotten better, but still there is a fear that someone will eventually turn against me.

Writer. Creative writing comes in many different forms. Novels, short stories and fanfiction. All three of these sub-genres are what I write. Characters are made up out of my imagination along with story lines and scenery. 

Passionate. Gets fired up about subjects that are very dear to me; such as Law Enforcement, Courting and Geeky stuff. 

Geek. Loves all things that come from Marvel, DC, Star Wars etc. If a subject that comes up about any of those things, I will probably talk your ear off. 

Strong-willed. Will put my foot down, defend whatever is going on and then try to argue my way out or into what is going on.

All of these things are just the minor things of what I am and who I am. Yes, I have issues but we all do, I just know how to hid them better than most other people do my age. But you know what? I have an amazing Heavenly Father that has healed me and continues to heal from my brokenness and issues that have grasped me from not opening up more and more. So you can start at me, whisper to one another, but if you never really meet me or don’t have no motivation to meet me, then please don’t call me weird names or speak ill of me. That’s not what I need in my life… Just be a friend to me and be caring and understanding how I deal with things and how I cope. Like Yoda would say, “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to the Dark Side,” or something like that. 


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