Mixed feelings


Waves of water, hit the warm sandy beach. Multiple waves are seen coming from the outskirts of the ocean. At first you’re prepared for the water to hit you, but they don’t, instead the water lightly splashes your feet. Sand begins to squish between your toes as the warm salty air blows by. More waves start to hurl on the out skirts of the ocean die down, while others form into huge non-stopping waves. You gaze upon the huge waves and think to yourself about all your emotions and feelings that are bottled up; those waves are your mixed feelings.

Though the beach is always nice, no people to bother you, peaceful atmosphere and obviously water. But then they’re is always cons for being at the beach; the sun is too hot, the beach is dirty or the tide isn’t in. Beaches can give mixed feelings sometimes. You feel excited that your going to a beach, but sad and depressed that you have to go back home or to the hotel your staying at. Sometimes beaches have that feeling that you never want to leave and you want to live there all the time. Like I said mixed feelings. When there is something or someone that gives us that mixed feelings feeling in the pit of your stomach or the back of your mind, it should remind you of a beach. Sea gulls caw over your head, grass dances in the wind and sea crabs prance in the sand. Its peaceful yet kind of annoying. Beaches maybe peaceful but there are times where you just want scream your head off or throw globs of sand in someone’s eyes so you can simple relax and escape from what’s bothering you.

Mixed feelings are things you want to escape, whether it’s depression from loosing a loved one, or excitement because you’re starting college; those are all mixed feelings we don’t really want to feel. So you can sit in a nice folding chair, and relax all you want by the ocean but the thought of those mixed feelings will never leave. Just like when you leave the beach, the feeling of being there will never leave your memories. Beaches are like mixed feelings. You love, live, cry and scream. Now you’re probably asking, ‘How do you get rid of mixed feelings?’ Mixed feelings are hard to express to others. Because once someone asks you how you are, you just want to scream out all the things that are playing your mind. But you don’t, you keep it in and wait for a perfect time and place to release those mixed feelings; like a beach or a forest. Just a warning, if you like someone, or afraid to pursue something or are angry at someone; tell them how you feel or just do what makes you so afraid. Don’t run from it, don’t hid it, just do it. The beach will still be there when you get back; you need a vacation from your mixed feelings. Question is, will you take it?



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